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Vancouver Farmers Markets

Come and visit us at your local farmers markets! We sell our delicious fruits, vegetables, and preserves at farmers markets across the Lower Mainland. When we started Klippers Organics, we made a decision to sell our produce primarily through farmers markets - which helps us connect directly with our customers, receive direct feedback, and create community. Not to mention by selling fresh, certified organic and sustainable produce, we help to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our local communities.

Klippers participates in both winter and summer farmers markets in Vancouver. For more details on which farmers markets are currently taking place, please visit the Vancouver Farmers Markets website at www.eatlocal.org and our facebook page for updates.

We also distribute our popular CSA produce boxes at farmers markets - a great way to get a guaranteed weekly share of delicious, wholesome produce, support your local farmer, and connect with the community. Find out more and signup for your CSA box!

Learn how to get your CSA box!

Kevin and Annamarie own a company called Klippers. They sell food that's organic and natural. They work together to create a excellent company that is good for your health and life!

Each Saturday when we go to the farmers market, we always go there to buy our fruits and vegetables. Not only do we like that the food is organic and fresh, but they are really nice and they have great staff members too and we always talk together! Katie B. - age 11, weekly market customer since 2012.

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Vancouver Restaurants

We supply a variety of exceptional restaurants in Vancouver with high-quality, organic produce.

These include: The Acorn, Bishop's, Bluehouse Cafe, Burdock & Co., Cinera, Fable, Farmer's Apprentice, Flying Pig, Forage, Glenburn Soda, Glowbal Group, Grapes & Soda, Harvest, Kits Kitchen, Nourish Vancouver, Royal Dinette, Sai Woo, Savio Volpe, Seasonal 56, Vij's and Wild Tale.

The Acorn

Having spent some time at Klippers Organics farm, it's easy to see, feel and taste the love that goes into the wonderful produce that comes from the Similkameen valley. Kevin and Annamarie are special people who provide the best fruits and veggies that I've come across. It's always a highlight of the restaurant week when it comes through our kitchen door, knowing that the customer is going to get the best possible culinary experience. Chef Rob Clarke, The Acorn @acornvancouver, @robclarke24

Rob Clarke at Klippers

Farmer's Apprentice

Klippers has been the driving force behind our restaurant. Their produce has been consistantly outstanding over the years and we have created an important dialogue on how to further the relationship between a restaurant and a farm. Chef Dave Gunawan, owner of Farmer's Apprentice, Royal Dinette, Grapes & Soda @thefarmersapprentice, @royaldinette

Klippers carrots, Royal Dinette

Glowbal Group

Buying from Klippers over the years I have witnessed firsthand the commitment and passion that goes into their amazing, high quality produce. I can't express the joy I feel every year when the first crop of heirloom tomatoes arrives in my kitchen. Chef Craig Scherer, Trattoria Italian Kitchen, NOSH & mini Bar - Global Group @glowbal_group, @trattoriakitchen, @chefcraigscherer

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