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As agriculture in our country becomes dominated by multinational corporations, small-scale diversified farms, with their commitment to place and community, dwindle each year. As a result, consumers are increasingly distanced from their food sources and, in turn, from awareness of the vital connections between food and health, local communities and the environment.

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model is simply this: members sign up for a share of the harvest, and pay at least a portion in advance of the season, which provides the farm timely working capital.  This membership relationship provides farmers a secure market for their produce and minimizes the marketing risks normally involved in farming.  And members, besides receiving a season's supply of fresh organic produce, have the satisfaction of knowing where and how their food is grown, of having a tangible connection to the land through their farm (and farmers), and of contributing to the health of their local community.

Payments:  The farm appreciates check payments for CSA balances.  If paying by cash, please get a receipt from us.  Please write "Winter Share" or "Winter & Egg Share" in the memo field.  Also, write the main party's name in the memo field, if it's not yours or there's a different last name.  For splitting parties, the farm appreciates a single payer.  It makes our bookkeeping easier.

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