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Our Apprenticeship Curriculum and Application Form

The majority of practical work will be sowing, planting, weeding and harvesting vegetable crops. This is hard work - please do not apply if you are not ready and willing to work hard! We work five days per week (hours vary from winter to summer), and every other Saturday if you are interested in going to the Vancouver Farmers Markets.

Practical Growing Skills

  • Carry out routine checks on a tractor
  • Construct a compost heap
  • Crop planning - estimate plants/area needed
  • Crop planning - estimate yield
  • Crop planning - plan a rotation
  • Crop planning - use a Farm record-keeping system
  • Differentiate vegetable seedlings from weed seedlings
  • Direct seed by hand and using an Earthway Seeder
  • Estimate soil moisture by feel
  • Explain safety hazards when using tractors
  • Hand weed a variety of crops
  • Harvest and prepare vegetables, herbs, and fruit for sale
  • Identify all crops grown at Klippers Organics
  • Identify and use workshop tools correctly
  • Identify major parts of a tractor
  • Identify noxious weeds
  • Maintain perennial herbs and vegetables (weed, prune, divide)
  • Make salves and lipbalm with herbs (an introduction)
  • Mix up propagation mix and describe alternative ways of mixing up
  • Monitor compost temperature
  • Pot up
  • Prick out
  • Propagate from cuttings
  • Propagate from seed
  • Prune and train apple trees, peach, and plum trees
  • Prune and train tomato and cucumber plants
  • Recognize presence of pests and diseases
  • Safely drive a tractor in simple maneuvers
  • Set out and trouble-shoot drip irrigation
  • Set out and trouble-shoot sprinkler and micro jet irrigation system
  • Take a soil sample for soil testing
  • Transplant crops
  • Use a tractor-mounted front-loader to turn compost
  • Use and maintain a variety of hand-tools
  • Use small machinery

Sustainable Farming Practices Units

  • Integration of livestock
  • Interpreting soil test results
  • Irrigation - principles and practices
  • Making compost
  • Managing arthropod pests
  • Managing plant pathogens
  • Managing soil fertility and soil health assessment
  • Managing weeds
  • Post-harvest handling and storage
  • Promoting biodiversity
  • Selecting and using cover crops
  • Tillage and cultivation
  • Use of soil amendments and fertilizers

Farm Organization and Communication Units

  • Business planning
  • Farm food safety
  • Health and safety
  • Marketing
  • Organic certification
  • Purchasing a farm/land

Possibilities for Other Areas

  • Working with a wine maker/fermentation
  • Working with bees at local apiaries

Interested? Fill out our Apprenticeship Application Form and send it via email to klippersorganics@gmail.com and we'll be happy to consider your application.

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